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Be Van Le, VNAF 431, Squad 71   [bio]

The following page(s) were authored by a Vietnamese Air Force Flight Mechanic Be Van Le. Bill Dudley has authenticated the writer, and his writings which are now reprinted in this documentaries section of the Veterans Council website. The story originally appeared in the C-7A Caribou Association Newsletter on April 2017, volume 28, issue 1, pages 25 & 26. The link to the reprinted stories is located at the bottom of this page but first something about the author.
My C-7A Caribou Flight Mechanic Certificate of Training issued by USAF, January 1, 1972. Class 1/71 C-7A Flight Mechanic trained at Phan Rang AB. South Vietnam. My VNAF high degree of Cargo Aircraft Flight Mechanic Certificate of Training at VNAF Mechanical of School at Nha Trang Air Force Training Center. Class 1/74 High Degree of FM. From Wikipedia:  The  South Vietnam Air Force ( Vietnamese :  Không lực Việt Nam Cộng ḥa  – KLVNCH ),  officially the  Republic of Vietnam Air Force (sometimes  Vietnam Air Force  – VNAF ) was the  aerial branch  of the  Republic of Vietnam Military Forces , the of ficial military of the  Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)  from 1955 to 1975. The VNAF began with a few hand - picked men chosen to fly alongside  French pilots during the  State of  Vietnam era. It eventually grew into the world's sixth largest air force at the height of its power, in 1974.  It is an often neglected chapter of the history of the  Vietnam War as they operated in the shadow of the  United States Air Force . It was dissolved in 1975 after the  Fall of Saigon ; many of its members emigrated  to the  United States .
My   real   name   is   Be   Van   Le,   but   I   used   my   pen   name   on   my   writings:   Vietnamese   and   English   articles   for   my relatives   safely   under   Vietnamese   communist   rules   in   Vietnam.   McBlan   Lee   was   my   pen   name   on   my English articles. I am living in Houston, Texas. I   was   born   in   South   Vietnam,   1950,   I   joined   VNAF   as   Flight   Mechanic   October   1969   to   April   1975.   I   worked on   several   VNAF   cargo   aircraft:   C-119,   C-47   and   C-7A   Caribou.   I   served   for   5   years   on   VNAF   cargo squadrons:    413rd    (C-119),    514th    C-47,    427th,    429th    and    431st    C-7A    Caribou.    I    have    trained    Flight Mechanics of the C-7A Caribou by USAF at Phan Rang AB, South Vietnam, 1972. I   left   Vietnam   during   the   North   Vietnamese   communist   attack   on   Saigon,   at   April   29-1975.   I   left   my   wife with   two   kids   behind.   10   years   after,   my   family   reunion   in   the   U.S.A.   We   have   another   two   sons   born   in   the U.S.A. I am a Vietnamese freelance writer, artist and Vietnamese play writer. Thanks Lee.
Dear VCSJC Newsletter editors, I would like to share to your Veteran readers my articles about the Vietnam War, which those writings are posted on several websites: 1. Saigon Death Struggle - McBlan Lee, last Saigon battle April 29-1975, Vietnam war historical. 2. Glowing Smart Dragon - McBlan Lee, Last VNAF AC119K air crew sacrificed for their country, Vietnam war historical. 3. A Terrified Evacuation Flight - Huy Bang (my pen name). 4. Farewell To Tong Le Chan Outpost - McBlan Lee. 5. My Unforgettable Tong Le Chan Flight  6. My Caribou Flight Mechanic Instructor  7. I Am A Sky Bird ( an English airmen song) - McBlan Lee. Other articles should be posted on internet shortly: 8. SA-7 Heat Seeking Missile - McBlan Lee, a Vietnam War SA-7/ HSM experience for Military Cargo Aircraft modified. 9. A Nightmare of a Midnight Outpost Landing, a midnight landing on an outpost airfield without runway's lights, a secret mission.  
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Be Van Le, VNAF 431, Squad 71  


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